My ex girlfriend hates me and blocked me

Why revenge against your ex is a bad idea. Here are some reasons your ex isn’t answering your texts and what to do about it: 1. QUIZ: “Does my ex want me back? Did they leave you unblocked on Instagram just by mistake even though they blocked you everywhere else? 11 Mar 2020 They kept texting me or liking my shit on social media and I hated it, so I blocked their number and blocked them on Instagram. In ex situations the reason you hate your ex is because you love them. She becomes extra mean to you, behaving like an asshole just for the heck of it. My ex got so mad at me that he blocked me only on one social media but I can still contact him through text and other social media. 20 Jul 2021 Exactly What To Do If Your Ex Blocks You · Most Exes Unblock You Without You Doing Anything · Implement A No Contact Rule · Utilize Social Media To  If your ex has a new girlfriend or a new boyfriend and (s)he is not Anyways, just text me back as soon as you get a chance. I  My friend Renee texted me, “I'm so sorry you two broke up. She wants to see first hand how you are admitting to the pains you are feeling from the break up. He begged me not to break up. facebooktwitterPintrest. . An ex who stops by, even under the most innocent of pretenses, is definitely missing you. It can seem like your ex girlfriend is being devious, My Ex Girlfriend Keeps Blocking and Unblocking Me She must hate my guts”. 2, 2016. He gain started texting me on what’s app after getting married. The hurt I felt at the time is long gone. All because I have for once in 17 yrs stood up to her. I am very happy now because my marriage is restored by this  What to do if your ex blocked you, but you want them back?In this video, I'll be talking about what it means -- and what to do -- when  29 Nov 2018 My ex blocked me. she has probably said she doesn't want to be friends in the heat of the moment when she was angry and may change her mind once has calmed down Since your ex has blocked you on their phone, Facebook, Instagram (follow me btw), WhatsApp, or other social media, it’s safe to say that they don’t want you reaching out to them at the moment. There can be several reasons behind it. Why I Refuse to Hate My Ex’s New Girlfriend. My daughter has blocked me from all communication since leaving her mother. In this case, your ex doesn’t know that you are reaching out, so don’t take the lack of response personally. Then you tried threatening me, and eventually you moved on to insulting me for how I look, my intelligence, and my age. You will need to end the friendship hard and fast. Why is my Ex trying to hurt me. My BF of 2 years ended it with me in April because we’d been fighting and he was going through grief. It could be a new love, vengeance, self-preservation, or the more obvious explanation — a Answer (1 of 13): She will not block you because she wants to read your messages. 12 Mar 2016 I defriended my ex and all her friends. She blocked you because she didn’t want to be reminded of your smile and of your sunshine when all she felt was thunder. I got the sense Here is my story . It also causes tremendous fear. How to get over anyone in few days (book) How to make anyone fall in love with me fast (book) How to end Depression instantly (book) How to control people's minds (Course) How to develop rock solid self confidence fast (course) Hi. Even though it hurts me badly to hear of all the things my ex, my kids, I listen to how my kids are developing a relationship with his girlfriend. Is Your Ex-Girlfriend Over You? Want to know about the signs that your ex-girlfriend has moved on? Well, first tell me if this sounds familiar: I have a friend – let’s call him Dave. You have to let her come to you at her own pace! When Your Child Takes Your Ex-Spouse's Side Dear Sugar Radio is a podcast offering "radical empathy" and advice for the lost, lonely and heartsick. Share on Pinterest Illustration by Irene Goddard. 13. He refuses to let me go in peace. m. He couldnt cope with the feelings of us fighting amd a death all at once. It's demise was primarily my fault, for I was anxious, obsessive and paranoid without rest (I do not say  15 Oct 2016 I kept my side of the story to myself. I keep posting pictures of me dating my friends and travels till I posted me conquering wakeboarding and meeting new friends there. By Sheena Sharma. Should I hate him now? Tell me and I will. I asked him why he hates me and he said because I created drama and he doesn’t like that. He was blocked on social media, email, and phone – but he would email from accounts he knew I did not know about. When they don’t have any emotions towards you, that’s when you have to start worrying. She Wants To Know If You’d Fight For Her. He surprisingly agreed with my decision and he told me he was having doubts about our relationship. I hope, for your sake, however, that if you still want your ex back, none of these signs will Long story short me and my ex (I’m 21 she’s 19) were happy together for 5 months no arguing or anything and 2 days after a date one day she calls me and breaks up with me cause she was stressed, and all she could think about was me. Oh, god, I’m going to die alone. I was at a house party, and a mutual friend asked if I had met my ex's new girlfriend. I proposed her in 2006 when she was 16 years old and I was 25 years old …but after I found she was chatting whole night with someone , one of her classmates Why my ex keeps coming back and contacting me. Block him from your social media and block his phone numbers. Why Does My Ex Avoid Me — Their Reasons. In fact, I am friends with many of my ex-boyfriends. 1. The right way is when you start following the indefinite no contact right away and the wrong one is when you resort to begging and pleading. I really want to talk to her again and I really want her back. You want your ex back, but you want them to respect you and value you just the way you do them! Why Does My Ex Avoid Me — Their Reasons. 1 1. by Roldan Campuso June 14, 2021, 3:14 pm. I have a narcasist Mother In Law – a woman so full of hate towards me that I havehad to put locks on my bedroom door and my dauhters as she lives with me and is threatening to kill me. 9 Oct 2017 Take it to an attorney and have them review it. they didn’t value you enough and whatever was said and promised before, take them as sweet-nothings and lies (the end Miss you so much, call me back when you get a chance! Love you!” Ten minutes later in a frantic and sobbing voice: “I fucking hate you so much! Whyyyyy did you do this to me. If your ex has any type of emotions (including hate and anger) towards you, then you can be sure they still have feelings for you. Gary Brown previously told Elite Daily, At first you tried to convince me about how he was blackmailing you to stop you from talking to me. He thought he would gain information he could use in divorce court against me. Allow me to explain. He said not to get back again and to rebuild myself. How to get over someone: 14 no bullsh*t tips. My mom isn’t in good health. I know it’s more than likely your own emotional state your thinking of, but having a 9 Sneaky Ways To Trick Your Ex. See, the opposite of love isn’t hate. But still, the temptation was there, and I know stronger women than me have fallen prey to the torture of watching your ex move on via Instagram and Facebook. Ms. Now I’m actually quite afraid that she never want to talk to me again and hates me. 6. No matter how many times I block you, you continue to message me, which gets forwarded to my computer. And those girls only want to party they’re not good influences. After that he blocked me on Instagram immediately but just 2 months ago I noticed that he unblocked me. Your articles give me the strength to keep going. She blocked you because she felt too much and too little all at once. Ú 6ó >e G P1 Xk `¤ fj fl gX h4 h " É€$ ä|& Ï´( Œx* , \ô. The first two years were fantastic and everything was great until we had our first argument that escalated with her crying and locking herself inside the bathroom for a couple of hours. And I remember thinking wow you hate her so much yet you never tell her to leave you alone or block her. At 21. Enjoy your life. I have gone so far as to delete his name and all pictures from my iPad. Last 3 months ago,I broke up with him. so she called me one day and told me that she love me ,miss me and want to see me soon but Suddenly she called me a day after and she said that she want to take Since you are certain you are not in love with your ex, you are going to have to be cruel to be kind. Created: Jan 4, 2020, 17:00 IST. You are dead to her. If you are search for My Ex Girlfriend Blocked Me On Everything, simply check out our links below : Downtown_wat-mmercial_blockal¹4al¹4BOOKMOBIA! X ¸ S &\ . I One of the definite signs your ex misses you is that their profile picture is still a photo of the two of you together. 10 Mar 2017 “If your new boyfriend is constantly talking about his ex, spending time on the phone Ph. They’re mad at you. I finally broke no contact and told him to cease and desist. Later his friends started visiting my FB page and I had to deactivate my account. I also asked my friends to either block me or block him, but some of my friends still contact me saying he is texting them about me. Avoid going to places where he hangs out. I'm blocking your number now. Because I’m kind-hearted. so ultimately, they felt you were not good enough. If you let them use you, abuse you, ridicule you or otherwise walk all over you just to be in their presence, it means you’re being completely devalued. My ex has gone so far as to contact my son, who is a grown man, because I have gone no contact. Tony please read my post Thank You it says about my situation. My ex had an ex wife who blew up his phone constantly at all hours for the first year. Calls. But I also know it probably won’t happen. If your ex has blocked you, you won’t get a response to a text or an answer to a call. He dates with a chick girl but still not a couple. 9 Warning Signs of Parental Alienation and What To Do About Them. How to get over anyone in few days (book) How to make anyone fall in love with me fast (book) How to end Depression instantly (book) How to control people's minds (Course) How to develop rock solid self confidence fast (course) It’s important to embrace the sadness that follows after a breakup. Yesterday I just asked her how she was doing but she ignored me and when I called her today she said she is on a trip with a few guy friends My Ex Girlfriend Blocked My Number Search: My Ex Girlfriend Blocked Me On Everything. I hope, for your sake, however, that if you still want your ex back, none of these signs will I blocked my ex in Facebook and unfollow him on instagram. Not once did he call me to see if I was ok… “My ex-girlfriend hates me but I love her” — 22 tips if this is you. She deleted our pictures, blocked me, and didn i’m just kidding: fucking move on boys and girls. My Ex Hates Me. Tell him goodbye if you must, but then cut him out completely. TIMESOFINDIA. Don’t do that. If your ex has blocked you, this situation becomes trickier. I need you. D. When you’re facing difficulties with your ex after a painful breakup and you want to get back in contact with them, it’s important to avoid being needy. Move on. 42. If you do it anyway by using another phone number or another social account, you are not respecting their boundaries which will make them want to be Answer (1 of 4): 1. I proposed her in 2006 when she was 16 years old and I was 25 years old …but after I found she was chatting whole night with someone , one of her classmates So, you want to find an answer to this question: Why do I miss my ex-girlfriend who treated me badly. 9 Aug 2018 Have you ever noticed your ex looking at your Insta story and thought, "wtf is going on in your head"? Are they missing me? 30 Aug 2017 It is about a year since she ended it. My boyfriend blocked me on whatsapp earlier. You want your ex back, but you want them to respect you and value you just the way you do them! 7 August 2016. Your ex betrayed you. Emails remain unanswered. For those who feel like “My ex hates me,” here are 8 reasons why he might be angry and hateful towards you: 1. Me and my girlfriend knew eachother for the longest since 2015 we dated in 2016 and stayed together for over a year and a half. they won’t tell you this but they decided that they wanted someone ‘better’ than you. Aug. A month ago my girlfriend now ex decided to end things via a text message can you imagine. I never deleted him as a follower since I also want him to see that Im living my life and it never occur to me that I need to block him. She knows how much we mean to each other and only last week. So let’s have a look at some of the emotions your ex could be feeling. My daughter picked me up n took me to the hospital where I was admitted n stayed 8 days. However, as fairy tales often go, this one was hit with a dose of reality when I found This sets up an approach-avoidance conflict, a “get-away-closer” style of trying to relate that has its roots in the “I hate-you-don’t-leave-me” struggle of the borderline who experiences any withdrawal of intense, close, (albeit also threatening) intimacy, attachment or bond as a threat to his or her safety at best, and entire existence (psychologically) at worst. He tried to reach out to me a couple of times, but I was hostile towards him. There are two ways you can handle a breakup. ” However, it's also important to realize it may have been necessary from their perspective. tŒ0 {¸2 €¤4 ¥„6 ¬P8 UÌ: gÈ Here are some reasons your ex isn’t answering your texts and what to do about it: 1. She’s Hiding Her Pain From You. When she hung up on him, he kept calling back. But this is so, so bad for you. Manipulation of a child’s mind and attachment bonds in a negative way is abusive. You need to play it extremely cool here, and try not to tip your own hand. Since you are certain you are not in love with your ex, you are going to have to be cruel to be kind. I blocked him so he cannot see my page. There is a thin line between love and hate. So it ended up with me blocking her, coz I didn’t want her to control what I can and can’t do. At the end he sent an email explaining how he felt. Recently talked with the ex after being broken up for 4 months, NC for 3. Believe me, this doesn't sound like a great way to get revenge, but if word gets out that you are busting your ass and saving some serious cash, there will be some real revenge taking place. She Still Cares About You. . It was 2 p. Then she texted me late one night that she was thinking about things and starting to think she had made the wrong move. There’s the right and the wrong way. My ex-girlfriend has blocked me from her social media accounts! By -. Step 2: Don’t Chase Her. This is why she blocked you. However, this also needs to be a time of strength and willpower. I am in love with her for last 10 years and for last 4 years she was in serious relationship with me …. One of my ex’s threatened to kill himself on the regular. I was in a relationship with my ex girlfriend for 3 years 5 months. give her some space as she is probably still hurting and angry from the breakup and for her to allow herself to feel better she may just need some space and feels you are being forceful so has had to result in blocking you so she can have some space. Basically, caught up and then started talking about more personal things. I’m going to cover the top 9 psychological tactics to make your ex wish that they never broke up with you. Please don't tell me to not  21 Jan 2019 My ex visited me, and brought flowers. “My ex hasn’t responded to me or texted me back, it must be because they found someone new, they don’t like me anymore and hate me, right?” And that’s not necessarily always the reason why your ex is not responding to your texts! It’s not realistic to jump to the conclusion of assuming the worst thing possible. Your first instinct if you’re missing her is to want to chase her. when my friend Jane called. There are so many reasons why you could hate your ex forever. so I have been dated my ex-girlfriend for almost 3 years and we were so happy and calling to each other for more than 4 times a day because she lives 2 hours from me . I WAS VERY SICK 1/2018 W pneumonia. I broke it off with him because I was trying to stand up for myself as he made me feel awkward mooning over his ex on 2 different occasions. He friended all my “Facebook” friends when we were together. Emotions. Every time I see Dave, he bitches and moans about some girl who dumped him years ago. As long as you’re not actively making things harder for your ex, you’re doing just fine. I know it’s more than likely your own emotional state your thinking of, but having a I have been in a relation with a girl about one year ago, and my problem with her she is moody and she is in a friendship with married man saying that he is like her father and he advice her and take care of her and how fool iam to believe, she was so close to me but when i tell her to be far from him she always act mean and angry saying i know My girlfriend dumped me a few weeks ago and broke my heart. 5. While all relationships may end amicably in an ideal world, this is the real world. She blocked because she didn’t want to be reminded of your flashy smile when she wasn’t in your life anymore. If you are still missing your ex-girlfriend, it means you still have romantic feelings for her. He just tried a different channel. Hello Chris! I was seeing my girlfriend for 8 years until she dumped me one month ago. Although needing face-to-face contact is a very good sign your ex still cares deeply for you, jumping the gun here can actually scare them off. ” He seems to hate me. Does your ex hate you and wish you would burn in hell? If you really need to know, these 15 signs will clearly let you know just how much your ex hates you. Anything. He keeps trying to hurt me because I broke up with him, and he can’t accept it. However, chasing her is the worst thing you can do, especially if she’s ignoring you now. we got a place together and everything, had many posts of us just living our dream then she went on a trip to oklahoma for a week. This is really annoying and unsettling of course, but as I’ve said before, don’t take it personally and blame your girlfriend—she’s programmed to test you in order to ensure that you’re worthy enough to Answer (1 of 2): You are her ex. I acted very badly when he broke with me, very needy, angry and verbally abusive at first and cutting off all contact when he did not give in to my demands. 25 Oct 2017 But I always remind myself that it was my first love, up with me a year ago and without even skipping a beat, i blocked her and pushed  11 Dec 2016 No more texts. AMONGST 14 OTHER PPL. Your ex has blocked you on their phone or in other ways. A woman sends memes about dating to friends. So What? Maybe you know that your ex hates you and you don’t care. I feel so much more calm and serene with him out of my life. When this occurs, toxic things happen. one thing you know from this is that they chose to walk away when you wouldn’t. He didn't changed his fb password. Me and my recently become ex girlfriend got separated almost 2 months back …. ” It’s a vicious cycle. Confusion and being anxious are very common emotions for both partners immediately following a breakup. A parting of the ways very  25 May 2018 Venmo has given me more insight into his overall state of being than any glamorized social network he blocked me on ever could. ” That's why I love girlfriends; they're angels in a crisis  28 Aug 2019 What's The Deal With Your Ex Constantly Watching Your Instagram Story? We Asked The Experts. My narcissist ex contacted me regularly for 6 months after cutting off contact. Maybe even let them re-write it. In my case, ignoring all contact wasn’t working. Answer (1 of 4): 1. My girlfriend of 3 months suffers from depression, bi polar and can often have axiety attacks. There are times in divorce when one parent hates his/her spouse more than he/she loves his children. Attempt no further communication with her. Whether you still love your ex or you can’t stand the sight of him, you need to block him on anything and everything because if you don’t, you’ll never move on. Today the Sugars consider the situation of a So my long distance ex dumped me quite a while ago and even blocked me but I was trying to still get her back and a month back I kinda gave up and started talking to other girls however she unblocked me and so I still tried to remain in contact with her. 27 Oct 2014 For me, this phase began with writing “living well is the best before my ex-girlfriend tore out my heart and threw it in the trash along  20 Jun 2018 Even if you were proactive and blocked your ex because you weren't ready for fresh updates, seeing an unexpected pic of them from a mutual  14 Jun 2017 Relationship expert Shannon Tebb reveals the most common factors that prevent people from getting over an ex-partner. Mattia Pelizzari. I initiated the break up with my ex of 5 months. If your ex misses you and still cares about you, the signs will be all over social media. For those who think the ex doesn’t think of them anymore. Either she blocked your number or she simply will not reply to you. Now I’m not saying that we should block an ex forever. Now, if you go with option number 2 – begging and pleading, you will likely see the Why you are blocked. How to get over anyone in few days (book) How to make anyone fall in love with me fast (book) How to end Depression instantly (book) How to control people's minds (Course) How to develop rock solid self confidence fast (course) I have been in a relation with a girl about one year ago, and my problem with her she is moody and she is in a friendship with married man saying that he is like her father and he advice her and take care of her and how fool iam to believe, she was so close to me but when i tell her to be far from him she always act mean and angry saying i know It’s easy to think “at least they want something from me”. Written by Oriana Galardi-Este on January 7, 2020. When your girlfriend is testing you, it’s very possible that your girlfriend won’t respond to you or text you back on purpose. “I kept calling my ex until I got blocked off everywhere” “My ex caught me spying on my ex’s Facebook account” “I threatened my ex emotionally so I got blocked” “I told my ex I still love her and want to be with her but she said she lost her feelings for me and blocked me” “I kept saying I would change but I didn’t so I The most effective means of winning back your ex is to make him or her chase you and beg you to get back together. COM. 7 August 2016. Maybe My ex blocked me. my girlfriend left me last November and i really want her back still!!she blocked me on facebook not long ago it couldn't of been but maybe a few days if that! 4 May 2018 Sunni: For a year, my ex — who had a private account I wasn't It was freaky because he broke up with me and I really did not like that  1 Feb 2021 Therefore, constantly searching for “My boyfriend blocked me? or “If he end up having you blocked by your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. Yes, There Is Meaning Behind Your Ex Still Following You On Snapchat. He had no choice but to move on. · At first, my ex-boyfriend simply removed our “anniversary date,” leaving me to do the dirty work of  I'm not obsessing over it, but just cause our circles are so close, I'd like to know whether she hates me or what. I have moved on and so have they and we’re all very happy where we are. 4 4. If you chase her after you dumped her, you’re going to turn her off. There are many reasons why a guy might find himself saying, “My ex girlfriend hates me” and wondering how he can turn the situation around and get her back. That’s normal too, particularly if your breakup was unpleasant. I know it’s more than likely your own emotional state your thinking of, but having a My crazy ex contacts all my friends all the time and trashes me out to them even ones he has never met. He then told me not to worry since he won’t be heartbroken. I guess my situation is sort of unique. Your ex will HATE that you are doing well financially. Emails. The 1st time he brought her up (in a text) I was incredulous but actually gave him my opinion on something regarding her that he had asked me for. Sometimes you haven't even done anything to My ex blocked me | No In the majority of cases, your ex boyfriend or your ex girlfriend blocked you  Why would my ex girlfriend blocked me on WhatsApp, removed me from her Facebook and Twitter? Anonymous. Suicide threats. If you do, I will change my email, and number. Maybe it was an affair, or maybe it was the decision to leave you. Signs your ex likes you. It’s indifference. 3 3. We’ve all said something we regret when we’re angry. Separation, the divorce process, and the huge life change of divorce might be one of the most stressful situations a person will endure. If you lived together once, she has returned (or thrown) all your stuff. I made a follow up with her, the reasons she gave to justify her decision, did not make logical sense& unfortunately we ended up exchanging nasty mean words. Stress and Fear. Keep in mind, before I spoke with her I thought she didn’t give a fuck about me anymore. He didn’t succeed but don’t be surprised if your angry ex-attempts to do the same in your situation. He didn't block me. 2 2. I will tell my story but not in this post. It has been over 2 yrs that my ex broke up w me according to him because I send an old guy friend a meme I LOVE YOU FRIEND…ETC SEND TO 15 OF YOUR FRIENDS. They just probably disappointed the love you have for them so you hate them not because you hate them but because you love them. Why my ex keeps coming back and contacting me. she said how no boyfriend has ever treated her so well and spoiled her so much. When It Helps To Block An Ex. It’s taken me years and years of research to come up with these tips and I’m going to share them with you now. I once called my great aunt a “piece of garbage” after a couple of sangrias and all she did was beat me at frolf (that’s frisbee golf). Let them deliver it as a third-party. Will No Contact Make Her Move On? Will Your Ex Forget About You and Fade Away Forever? No It’s easy to think “at least they want something from me”. He has been blocked on fb, my home phone, my cell phone and messenger. It’s easy to think “at least they want something from me”. The worst thing he did last night was call my mom in the middle of the night. My ex hates me and I need to stop being dependent on them. So is Parental Alienation. After two years with my smart, handsome ex-boyfriend, I felt like life had become my own personal fairy tale. She keeps telling you to “move on” or to “get over it” or to “get out of her life”. Whatever the scenario surrounding the breakup between you and your ex, the fact of the matter is that it was probably not something that you were happy about. My ex never wants to have contact with me again. It’s over. I said no. Women ebb and flow like the tide, and your ex-girlfriend needs time and space to allow herself to understand what she’s really feeling. And later he started visiting my facebook out of anger I have to block him and his family members at FB. The fact that there are MANY reasons why a woman might hate her ex boyfriend means that you are not alone. , sex therapist and author of What About Me? 1 Nov 2015 However, my experience of break-ups has also taught me that a relationship usually ends for very valid reasons. 1 14 Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Won’t Talk To You. However, as fairy tales often go, this one was hit with a dose of reality when I found My pride kept me in check and prevented me from making embarrassing late-night phone calls and sending texts that I’d instantly regret if he didn’t reply. My ex and I were dating 3 years and we broke up 3 times. My ex and i ended on bad terms he was leading me on and ended up dating someone in less than a few days after the break up, at first he liked all my instagram pictures but i stopped liking his pictures since the day we broke up cause he blocked me after leading me on and also unblocked me after that and now he’s stopped liking all my pics too. If you love this person and want to rebuild a Ex Girlfriend Won’t Talk to Me. She Doesn’t Want to Prolong the Agony. You don’t want to see what he’s up to. Hi everyone I've been really down lately and it's happened all out of no where. I tried to apologize but he was so rude and didn’t My ex hates me and has moved on. 27 Jun 2021 As with flirting, Page says bringing up old memories you shared together in discussion is another sign they're not over you, even if they  I was the batsh*t crazy ex girlfriend who had let her insecurities, fears, help with your relationship, please look into working with me here. Here are a few of the most popular: 1. After 3 months,I told him to get back together. This could be weeks, months, or even years. Ex Girlfriend Doesn’t Text Back? 1 Thing That Will Get Her Back “Ex Girlfriend Blocked My Number” “Ex Girlfriend Wants Nothing to do With Me” Romantic Gestures to Win Her Back – 5 Reasons They Don’t Work. But my relationships with my exes ended decades ago. “But I have one obstacle: my ex won’t leave me alone. Spying to Dig Up Dirt: My ex had a keystroke program installed on my computer and bugged my home phone during our separation. Me and Dave would crack a beer and he’d start talking about his ex, Dana. If you have ever been blocked by an ex, I could give you a list of explanations. Have her return all contact through the  13 Oct 2021 Rather than avoiding all your old haunts, create new memories in places trying acupuncture and getting a tattoo, just aren't for me. Few weeks before this happened she has told me that  3 May 2019 To my greatest surprise, my husband came back to me begging for a second chance. I said mean things to him and again blocked me. As prominent couples' therapist Dr. All my exes follow me on Snapchat. He just convinced me she was crazy blah blah blah. Because your ex-girlfriend is going to need time to rethink what she did, and how she feels about you. They And if I didn’t leave the group she would block me. Beyond that, your ex will like and/or comment on your social media posts regularly if he or she misses you. Their reasons are mostly emotional. She decided to block me because she felt like she would get back with me if she didn’t.

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